Top Features To Look For In Quality Filters For Your Industrial Air Compressor

12 December 2017
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Preventative maintenance for your industrial air compressor is the key to keeping your equipment functional for the long term, and part of that preventative maintenance is ensuring you change the filter regularly. The filter inside of an air compressor serves the function of capturing oil and dirt particles that can come with regular operation. Therefore, if the filter is allowed to remain soiled for long periods, it can lead to the build-up of gunk inside of your air lines. Read More 

How The Plastic Pieces For Your Model Cars And Model Planes Are Made

15 November 2017
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This Christmas, one of the most popular items for kids will be bought and given thousands of times over. Whether it be a plane or car kit, model planes and model cars are still as popular with kids as they were decades ago. Adults now spend time putting together more complex kits of the same type. Most of these kits are comprised of lots of plastic parts that have to be popped out or popped off plastic grids. Read More 

3 Tips To Prevent Your Construction Equipment From Being Stolen

25 May 2017
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You have probably invested a lot of your company's money in construction equipment. You do what you can to maintain the equipment and keep it in good repair, since you want for it to last as long as possible. Additionally, you probably want to do what you can to prevent it from being stolen. Unfortunately, construction equipment theft can be more common than you might think, but if you follow these tips you can help prevent this theft. Read More 

A Quick Guide To Spin And Friction Welding Plastics

11 May 2017
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If your first instinct when a breakable item lives up to its name and well, breaks, is to reach for the wood or superglue, even though you know that the repair might not last for very long, it is a good idea to learn about welding plastic. Given that there are numerous techniques available and some of those techniques are particularly appropriate techniques for beginners, you are likely to benefit from the information shared below about two common and useful examples of plastic welding. Read More 

Tips For Not Destroying Your Welds While Inspecting Them

26 April 2017
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The most frustrating thing about testing weld security is that the most common method for testing welds is to see how much force you can apply on either side in order to break it. This means that you have to clean off the area of the old weld parts and then redo the weld every time you perform a test. Here are some tips for testing your welds without destroying them and forcing you to redo them. Read More