3 Tips To Prevent Your Construction Equipment From Being Stolen

25 May 2017
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You have probably invested a lot of your company's money in construction equipment. You do what you can to maintain the equipment and keep it in good repair, since you want for it to last as long as possible. Additionally, you probably want to do what you can to prevent it from being stolen. Unfortunately, construction equipment theft can be more common than you might think, but if you follow these tips you can help prevent this theft.

1. Make Equipment Easy to Identify

If you do not make any changes to your equipment to make it stand out from all of the other equipment that is out there, it can be very appealing to thieves. This is because the equipment can then be sold on the black market, and it can be very difficult for law enforcement to identify and recover. There are a few different ways that you can make your equipment easier to identify. For example, painting your equipment in your company colors can be a great way to make it less appealing for potential thieves, since it can really stand out. If you don't want to take this step, engraving an equipment number and your company's name in a visible place on each piece of equipment can also be helpful.

2. Keep it Locked Up

If it's harder for a potential thief to access your equipment in the first place, they will be much less likely to steal it. If you don't currently have a secure fence put up on your property, for example, it's worth the investment to do so. For smaller equipment, keeping it locked up inside of the shop or in another area where it cannot be easily accessed can also help keep your equipment safe.

3. Invest in Security Equipment

You have spent a lot of money on your equipment, so it's worth it to spend a little bit of money on security equipment to help keep it safe. Hanging up surveillance cameras near where your construction equipment is being stored, for example, can serve as an excellent deterrent to prevent a person from wanting to steal something, and it can help you and law enforcement capture valuable information in the event that a theft does occur. Additionally, investing in a security alarm system -- particularly one that is monitored -- can also help you keep you protect your investment in quality equipment.