4 Ways To Know If Your Agricultural Duty Motor Is Due For Replacement

8 December 2022
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Like most farmers, you probably always look for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency. Did you know that a defective agricultural motor could slow you down? Agricultural duty motors play a critical role in farm operations by powering your pumps, conveyors, augers, grain dryers, etc. Unfortunately, these motors are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as dust, moisture, vibrations, and extreme temperatures that can cause them to wear out quickly. Here are signs you need to replace your agricultural duty motor.

1. Overheating

Even the most durable agricultural duty motor may start overheating after some time. This usually happens when the windings are degraded, increasing resistance and causing it to overheat. The same may occur when dust builds up on the coils. An overheating agricultural motor will not just make your machine slow down. It could also cause a fire. It would be best to replace it to keep your farm safe and ensure your machinery runs effectively.

2. Sudden Shutoffs

Another sign that your agricultural duty motor needs to be replaced is if it starts to shut off abruptly. Several things can cause this, but the most common cause is damage to the internal circuit. Sudden agricultural duty motors break down translates to low productivity and could also damage other parts of your equipment. Therefore, replace the defective motor as soon as possible.

3. Strange Sounds

If your agricultural duty motor starts making strange sounds, it may be begging for a replacement. The most common cause of strange sounds is damaged bearings. They can cause a rattling sound that will get progressively worse over time. And they may eventually fail, causing the motor to stop. In addition to bearings, other common causes of strange sounds include loose bolts and worn-out bushings. Loose bolts can cause a knocking sound, while worn-out bushings can cause a grinding noise. However, you can replace the parts or buy a new agricultural-duty motor for quiet and optimal operations.

4. Reduced Power

Has your agricultural duty motor been too inefficient lately? Various factors, including dirt and debris buildup, damaged wires, and worn-out parts, can cause reduced power. And they will slow down your operations tremendously. Do not wait until your agricultural duty motor dies completely. Seek repair services or buy a new one today to eliminate inefficiencies, cut energy bills, and prolong your equipment.

All good things will need a replacement at some point, and the same goes for agricultural duty motors. If you notice any signs that your motor is on its last legs, engage an agricultural-duty motor supplier. They will help you find the perfect motor for your machinery to keep it running optimally.