Top Reasons To Rent A Scaffold Instead Of Buying One For Your Home DIY Project

8 September 2022
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If you are going to be painting, installing light fixtures, or doing some other at-home DIY project that involves working at heights, you might not be too interested in using a ladder. Instead, you might be hoping to use a scaffold, since scaffolds are typically safer and more useful when you're working on projects that are higher up. You could be thinking about going to your local hardware store or home improvement store to purchase a residential-grade scaffold, but before you do this, you should contact a local scaffold rental service or equipment rental company to look into rental options. Renting a scaffold could turn out to be a great choice for the following reasons. 

It'll Probably Be Sturdier

First of all, you should know that residential-grade scaffolds are often quite cheaply made and are therefore quite flimsy. Because of this, you might not feel comfortable working on the scaffold if you're nervous about heights or if you are a larger, heavier person. You might also find that you will not be able to take as many materials and tools with you on the scaffold because of its lower weight limits. Generally, when you rent scaffolds, they are commercial-grade scaffolds that are quite a bit stronger and more durable. Plus, if you need a scaffold with a certain weight limit, you can typically ask for it when you're renting from a rental company.

It'll Probably Be Taller 

Depending on the job that you're doing, you might need to work higher than what the average residential-grade scaffold can help you reach. If you rent a scaffold, however, you will have options to rent one that will allow you to reach higher heights.

You Can Have It Delivered

If you don't have a truck, you could be worried about how you will get a scaffold home, even if you're looking at shorter and smaller scaffolds. If you rent one from a rental company, on the other hand, they should send someone to deliver the scaffold to your home, and they should pick it up when the rental period is over.

As you can see, if you are about to start a home project and need a scaffold to get the job done, you might want to skip buying one. Instead, consider contacting your local scaffolding equipment rental service to find out more about renting a scaffold. Plus, you might find that they will offer other equipment or items that will make your DIY project easier too.