How To Get Ready For A Heating Oil Delivery Depending On The Location Of Your Oil Tank

6 July 2019
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If you have heating oil delivered to your home, you want to make sure that you make the delivery process as easy as possible for the delivery driver. Your home is just one of many stops they will have to make. How to prepare for the delivery of your heating oil depends upon the location of your heating oil tank.

Location #1: Basement

If your heating oil tank is in the basement, you should clean out your basement before the delivery person shows up. You want a clear path to your heating oil tank, and you want lots of space around the heating oil tank. You want the environment to be as safe as possible.

Use your heating oil delivery date as motivation for going through and cleaning up your basement. You don't want your delivery person to feel like they are walking through an overcrowded storage unit just to get to your oil tank.

Location #2: Driveway

If your heating oil tank is located in your driveway, you have it easy. All you need to do is move your vehicles out of the driveway and park them in the street. If that is not possible, move your vehicles so there is as much clearance as possible near the heating oil tank.

Location #3: Side Yard or Backyard

If your heating oil tank is located in your backyard, you need to make sure your delivery driver has a clear path all the way into your backyard. Just like if your heating oil tank is in the driveway, you need to clear all vehicles out of their way. You should also move any outdoor toys or items that may get in the way. In the fall, sweep away the leaves and in the winter, shovel a path to the heating tank.

You should make sure it is easy to get to your heating oil tank. If there are trees or bushes on the pathway to the tank, make sure they are trimmed back. If there are puddles, try to divert the water so your delivery person doesn't have to walk through a small lake to get your oil to you.

If you have a pet, be sure to pick up all their waste before your delivery person arrives. No one wants to step in pet waste and have to have it on their shoes for the rest of the day.

Before your heating oil is delivered, clear your driveway so it is easy for the delivery truck to pull in and out. If your tank is in your basement, clean up and organize your basement so it is not a hazardous area. If your tank is outside, clear the path to the tank. The easier it is for your delivery driver to drop off the oil, the more they will enjoy stopping by your home and the safer the delivery will be for them. For more information, contact heating oil services near you.