What To Do If You Need To Use A Fire Hydrant

8 November 2018
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A fire hydrant provides what seems like a near limitless supply of water. However, it's critical to understand that fire hydrants are not personal property; they are owned by government agencies, both state and local. As a result, if you need to use a fire hydrant for any reason, there are certain steps you must follow beforehand. Learn what you need to do if you must use a fire hydrant.


You cannot attempt to use a fire hydrant unless you get permission first. As previously stated, fire hydrants are government property, so you will need to get approval from the government first. Typically, you will need to contact the water services department to purchase a permit. 

In addition to a permit fee, you will need to provide specific details on why you need to use the hydrant, such as for an upcoming public event. You will also be required to provide certain precautions for using the hydrant on your own, such as a hydrant meter, which is designed to restrict water flow to a safe level. 

Without a meter, too much pressure could build up and create a serious safety hazard for anyone near the hose connected to the hydrant or the hydrant. Your permit likely won't be approved until you can provide proof that you have all the necessary safety precautions.  


Even after you receive permission to use the hydrant, you're not quite ready yet. You need to purchase an adapter, as standard hoses are not compatible with the connection on a hydrant. Before you select an adapter, you first need to determine the thread size of the hydrant; the specifications of the adapter must match this element. 

You can determine the total number of threads on the hydrant by tallying how many threads are on the hydrant per inch, such six threads per inch. You can also measure the outside of the hydrant opening. If the connection is not secure, the issue could lead to water waste or the adapter may not connect at all. 

However, in terms of accuracy, it's typically best to contact the same department from which you obtained the permit as they will be able to provide you with specific measurements. 

If you fail to follow each of these steps, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law, or you could find yourself with an adapter that is not equipped to meet your specific need. Plan wisely to ensure you get everything right. For more information, contact a company like Buy Wholesale Company.