Understanding The Basics Of Recycling Carbide Inserts

29 June 2018
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If your manufacturing facility relies on carbide inserts for your production equipment, you know how common it is for the cutting edge to dull and the inserts to need replacement. While carbide inserts are often treated as a disposable, replaceable component, the fact is that carbide steel is not as plentiful as some other metals, nor is it as affordable. That makes it worth considering both recycling your used inserts and buying inserts from a supplier that deals with recycled materials. Here are a few of the things you should know before you decide.

It's Financially Wise

Since tungsten carbide can be so expensive, many of the facilities that accept it for recycling will actually pay you for the used inserts. That will allow you to recoup some of your investment when you turn it in for recycling. This helps you to reduce your supply costs, but the amount that you are able to recoup will vary from one recycling center to the next. Call a few of the local recycling facilities to find out what the going rates are so that you can get the most for your investment.

It's Good For The Environment

Another great reason for you to recycle your carbide inserts is because it is better for the environment than just disposing of them. Remember that tungsten carbide inserts include a variety of heavy metals in their composition, which means they can be hazardous to the environment if the inserts aren't disposed of correctly.

They can contaminate the groundwater and soil if those heavy metals start to seep into the ground. You can reduce the risk of this when you recycle them, because the metal will be put to use again instead of being left to deteriorate on the soil.

There Are Lots Of Options

As the environmental and financial benefits of recycling carbide inserts have become more widely known, most manufacturers and metal recycling facilities are accepting more and more of these types of materials for recycling. Not only do many of the insert manufacturers accept used ones for recycling, there are many independent recycling centers that will buy them back for recycling as well. When you work with private recycling centers, keep in mind that what they'll pay you will fluctuate based on the market rate of the steel.

These are a few of the things that you should think about when you're considering whether or not you should be recycling your carbide inserts or buying recycled carbide inserts as well. Talk with a supplier such as Olson Carbide today to find out what your options are and to choose the best option for your situation.