You Can Melt Aluminum At Home To Make Your Own Metal Art

9 April 2018
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When you think of creating metal artwork, you may think that you need to have some kind of foundry to create something interesting. The fact is, that if you want to work with aluminum to create things, that's something that you can do in your backyard. You can melt the aluminum and then pour it into a mold or into something like an anthill or another freeform medium. For example, some people will use an aquarium filled with water beads and then pour the molten aluminum into the tank, which will let the molten metal go into whatever shape it wants. So, if this is something you want to do, what do you need to do it. 

Aluminum Cans

The nice thing about working with aluminum is that you don't need to buy any kind of ingots to work with it. You can just use aluminum soda cans. Get some cans, flatten them into disks, and put them in the crucible. You can then put the crucible into your furnace and end up with melted aluminum. All the impurities will burn off, or you can skim them off the top, leaving you with pure aluminum. 


A crucible is a vessel in which you can put the material you want to melt so that it can go into the furnace to be melted. They are generally very strong and will be made out of a metal that isn't going to melt at the temperatures you will be using to melt your material. For example, a crucible for melting aluminum is going to be made out of a different material with a higher melting point. The crucibles are also generally very thick, which means that while it may take some time for them to heat up, they are going to hold onto that heat longer so that you will have an extra few moments to pour the metal before it starts to solidify. 


The last thing you are going to need to have is your own furnace. While you can buy a small backyard furnace for melting aluminum, you can actually create your own. You are going to need a way to heat things up and a way to contain the heat. One thing you can use is firebricks around the flame. The firebricks will absorb the heat and keep the heat inside the furnace. 

If you want to start creating your own metal artwork, you can start by melting down aluminum at home and then creating your designs. Contact a company like Malcom G Stevens INC for more information and assistance.