A Look At The Advantages Of Using A Rogowski Coil Over Traditional Current-Measuring Devices

17 March 2018
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When you work with electricity, a lot of your time will be spent measuring and testing for proper current levels. Whether it is a homeowner who is experiencing problems with a lagging HVAC system or a business owner who is not getting enough electric to a specific piece of equipment, the tool you will use is probably a basic electric current meter. While the basic electricity meter works well for some instances, the Rogowski coil often proves to be a better option.

Designed for the same purpose but far more effective and efficient, the Rogowski coil has a whole list of advantages. Here are a few of those advantages just to give you an idea of why the Rogowski coil is the better option over traditional current-measuring devices. 

The coil sensor is thin and easy to maneuver. 

The coil sensor of the Rogowski coil makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles and get a proper reading. The coil is thin in diameter but is still capable of carrying high currency just the same. Therefore, even though the coil is small, lightweight, and easy to slip between wiring harnesses or outlet prongs, it will still give you an accurate reading even when working with high-voltage currents. 

The Rogowski coil does not create interference with the readings. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of a lot of basic current readers is the fact that they have magnetic parts that make them work. Even though the magnetic energy from these integrated parts is low, it can still interfere with your ability to get a completely accurate reading during testing. The Rogowski coil, on the other hand, does not have the same magnetic parts and components, which means you will get a more accurate measurement than you would with a basic current reader.

The presence of DC currents will not affect AC readings. 

Regular currency meters can be affected by the presence of high DC currents, which means it can be really difficult to properly measure the AC current you are trying to pin down. Thankfully, the Rogowski coil eliminates the potential for this issue because it is totally immune to the presence of DC currents. 

In the end, the Rogowski coil is a highly advantageous piece of equipment to have as an electrician. If you would like more information about the different current meters available, contact your electrical tools and supplies store for advice.