Restaurant Owners: Read This Before You Buy Your Next Grease Trap

12 March 2017
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Do you own a restaurant and have determined that it is time to replace your grease trap? If so, it is important not to rush into the decision. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind.


You are likely aware that your commercial kitchen has to be compliant with the laws in your jurisdiction to avoid problems. The first thing you need to keep in mind is ensuring that the new grease trap meets the compliance codes for your area. Some jurisdictions ban certain types of grease traps, and it is best to know if there are any bans before you start shopping for a new appliance. This will help narrow your search and reduce problems during inspections.


Purchasing a grease trap is an investment. Most restaurant owners expect to get several years of ownership out of their grease traps before needing to replace them again. This is why you should opt for grease traps that are durable. Do not use price or material as a deciding factor for durability. A better approach would be to discuss your needs and expectations with a grease trap and grease interceptor provider who can discuss the pros and cons of various models and base materials you are interested in. For example, there are steel, concrete, and plastic grease traps. 


This part of your shopping involves choosing the right size grease trap. Perhaps you have noticed that you have to frequently empty your current model. This is a possible indicator that it is too small for your restaurant's demands. However, use caution when buying a larger model. This is because you might spend more money on your new grease trap than you need to if you buy one that is too big. 


Some people forget about the fact that grease traps can malfunction. When they do, servicing will be required. It is important to choose a model that makes service and repairs easy. For example, if you choose a grease trap that has parts that are hard to find, your kitchen could get in a bind. A grease trap provider is a good resource to use to determine how easy it is to source parts for various types of grease traps. Your handyman may also be able to offer some advice about this important matter. 

Grease Removal Options 

Take a moment to consider how you currently empty your grease trap and determine if it is the same method you want to use with your new grease trap. For example, you or employees may manually empty the device, but it is possible that an automatic grease trap could save you revenue. You may also be able to save money by selling the used grease to a local biodiesel fuel company.