Accessories Everyone Should Have For Their Air Compressor

21 August 2015
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Air compressor accessories allow you to use your air compressor for many different jobs. You don't want to have a large, cool tool for your home and only have one use for it. Here are different types of air compressor accessories that can create different uses or just make using your air compressor easier.


Your air compressor has one hose, so why do you need more? The hoses become worn out over time. They won't last as long as your air compressor will. If you begin to get small holes or kinks in your hose, the proper air pressure won't flow through it. Even worse, the hose can fly off. Under the type of pressure that your air compressor creates, any part flying off of it is dangerous to anyone in the vicinity. Ensure that you have extra hoses on hand, so you aren't using a damaged hose until you can get a new one.

Hose reel

A hose reel is an attachment for your air compressor. It's like the hose reels that you can install above outside faucets on the side of your home to wrap your garden hose around. You can buy an air compressor hose reel to wrap the hose around. You don't want the hose lying around the garage and getting run over when you pull your car in and out of the garage. It's also a tripping hazard. You can find hose reels that attach to the air compressor and some that attach to the wall behind it.

Roll cage

Roll cages are made to keep air compressors safe. If you air compressor gets a dent or a puncture, it's an expensive item to replace. You don't want to take a chance of something happening to it when you drag it around to use it. The roll cage has a thick plate underneath so it can be dragged around without harm. Some roll cages have wheels on the back so you can lift up the font and roll it around.

Air compressor dryer

An air compressor dryer or a dehumidifier is important for the space where you are using your air compressor. While an air compressor runs, the high air pressure, combined with the air pressure in the room, creates moisture. The moisture can build up inside of the air compressor over time, causing mold, mildew, and rust and causing water to spray out of the hose. When humidity is high, the moisture builds up even faster. Use an air compressor dryer every time you use it to keep the moisture from building up. If you don't have an air compressor dryer, or can't find one, you can run a dehumidifier in the room. If you already have some moisture build up, you can build a moisture trap that redirects the build up from your air compressor.

Air tools

You can buy power tools that are powered by your air compressor. You can buy nail guns, paint guns, ratchets, hammers, and other power tools that you never have to charge, plug in, or gas up. You simply attach it to the end of your air compressor hose and get to work. You can buy the tools separately as you need them or even an entire air tool kit.


Attachments for the air hose are also available. You will most likely need to fill things with air that have different sized holes. You might have an air mattress with a different size air plug than the tire on your car. If you're trying to blow air out of your electronics, you'll need an attachment that provides constant air flow. Having different attachments on hand will allow you to use your air compressor for many different things.

Air compressors are fun and handy to have around. You can clean, fill tires, blow up inflatable pools, and use air tools with them. The possibilities are nearly endless. Make sure you have the accessories that will keep your air compressor in good, working order and allow you to use it diversely. Contact a company like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc. for more information.