Seven Practical Uses For Rolling Utility Carts

14 August 2015
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Rolling utility carts may be used in the home, outdoors, or in a retail or food service environment. You might utilize a rolling utility cart to transport equipment, or in the laundry room, workshop or garage. You may also find it useful for outdoor excursions. If you need further inspiration, here are seven practical uses for a rolling utility cart:

1. Transport Your Retail or Trade Show Load

If you need to effortlessly move a piece of equipment in your retail business, warehouse or office, a rolling utility cart may provide the solution. It is also good for hauling items to trade shows. For transporting a heavy item, such as audio or video equipment or a stove top range, choose a heavy duty commercial-grade utility cart constructed of zinc-plated steel to resist corrosion. Check the weight capacity, as some are able to haul several hundred pounds. For hauling lightweight loads, such as restaurant food containers to be moved into a cooler, you may prefer a rolling two or three-tier tub cart with deep shelves.

2. Take It Camping and Fishing

For fishing and camping trips, a multi-purpose rolling utility cart can be a convenient aid. For your outdoor excursions, choose a utility cart with a removable insulated cooler for holding beverages. The cooler may be carried separately with an included shoulder strap. This rolling utility cart should feature all-terrain wheels for moving over rocky or uneven surfaces.

3. Tote Your Laundry or Groceries

A utility cart on wheels is a practical solution for toting laundry to the laundromat or hauling groceries from the store. To negotiate tight turns, be sure the wheels rotate to a full 360 degrees. The cart should have a steel frame and fold flat for easy storage.

4. Organize Your Workshop or Garage

For a neatly organized workshop or garage, buy a rolling utility cart with drawers. Drawers will keep your hand tools accessible and protected, plus you can move the wheeled cart as you work. This is a good idea for those who work on cars and need the mobility of a tool trolley. In addition to tools, you might store other items on the cart such as paintbrushes, rags, bolts and nails.

5. Stay Organized at Preschool

Rolling utility carts are great for preschool and daycare projects. Do you need to transport craft supplies, books and lightweight equipment in the classroom? A wheeled utility cart is a teacher's friend. Keep finger paints, puzzles, clay, markers and crayons in drawers. Move the cart around the classroom or from desk to desk as needed.

6. Keep Pet Supplies Within Reach

A rolling utility cart with shelves can keep your dog, cat or bird supplies within easy reach. Besides holding pet food, you might store your pet's toys, leashes and collars in the utility cart drawers. It's also a good idea to store pet licenses and permits, so everything for your pets will be in one place and easily located when you need them.

7. House Your Microwave and Accessories

A microwave is a necessity for most households, although these convenient appliances tend to be counter-top space "hogs". To free up your counter-top space, consider purchasing a rolling microwave utility cart. Not only are these carts functional, they are aesthetically appealing and complement most kitchen and dining area decor.

Choose a microwave utility cart in solid wood, laminate, plastic or steel. Most microwave carts will have locking wheels for safety. You may prefer a cart with additional shelves for storing accessories.

A rack with hanging hooks for your utensils is also convenient. Some microwave utility carts also feature handy pull-out cutting boards for food preparation. Best of all, a rolling microwave cart allows you to wheel your microwave from kitchen to dining room with ease.

You can find rolling utility carts of various designs at many retail stores, home improvement centers, and online at a site like You might find yourself picking up several for various uses around the house and outdoors. With a little ingenuity, it's easy to stay organized and make everyday tasks uncomplicated.