Useful Safety Tips When Completing Industrial Tank Installation

28 March 2022
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If you're planning to set up an industrial tank — whether it's to hold fuel or water — then you want to pay particular attention to the safety aspect of this setup. These safety protocols can help you stay out of trouble. 

Use the Right Crane for Optimal Transportation

Since industrial tanks are usually large and thus weigh a lot, you'll need to use a crane to safely manipulate this structure and move it to the appropriate setup location. As long as you rent out the right crane in the beginning, you can reduce safety issues for you and your crew.

You should look at the unique characteristics of your industrial tank like its height, diameter, and weight. Then you can use these specs to refine your crane search, ultimately getting something that can move and support this tank in an optimal way.

Make Sure Ground Can Support This Tank

If you plan on setting up this tank above ground — vertically or horizontally — you need to make sure the target location can support the full weight of this structure. Otherwise, shifting could take place, and then the tank is more likely to move and create safety hazards for those nearby.

You need to perform ample ground analysis around the target site so that you can see if any adjustments are necessary. That might involve reinforcing the ground with certain substrates or adding supportive systems that keep the industrial tank from moving around.

Go Through Installation Steps with Crew Beforehand

Before your installation crew attempts to move an industrial tank and set it up around an area of your work site, it's a good idea to go through the installation steps. You want everyone knowing what's going to take place, whether it's using certain material handling equipment or making room for the tank to be moved in an unrestricted way.

All of your crew members can ask questions during this time if they're not clear on something. You can also go over relevant safety protocols at this time to make sure everyone knows what to watch out for.

Getting an industrial tank set up on a work site can be pretty extensive, but you can still manage this project in a safe manner if you educate your team, use the right equipment, and know what complications to prepare for in advance. These measures will keep bad situations from developing when industrial tanks are involved. 

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